Effective Email Strategy: Content, Social Media Integration and Retention

Winter/Spring 2017  |  9 AM–5 PM  |  14 Hours ($499)  |  Register  |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    A 2-Day BootCamp

Effective Email Strategy: Content,

Social Media Integration and Retention

Why should I take this 2-day intensive?

It's often thought that email has run its course and is on its way out of the marketing mix.  In reality, email is still the single most effective digital channel for reaching customers and prospects and retaining them. 

Did you know...

  • Email Provides a $44.25 Return on Every Investment Dollar
  • Email Is the #1 Sales Driver for Black Friday
  • Email Ranks as the #1 Tactic for Building Customer Awareness, Acquisition, Conversion, and Retention
  • Over 2.5 Billion People Use Email & Usage Is On the Rise
  • 77% of Your Consumers Prefer Email
  • 7 of 10 Consumers Redeem Email Promotions
  • Shoppers Spend 138% More When They Receive Email
  • Email Is 40x More Effective at Driving Sales
  • Email Is the Most Popular Online Activity

So all I can say, is deliver it right! 

Are you ready?


Source:  Mashable

In this course you will learn:

  • How to create effective email strategies
  • Effective subject lines
  • Powerful copy approaches
  • Testing techniques
  • Measurement and segmented list strategies
  • How email fits into the marketing mix and how effective it is in a mobile and social world
  • Innovative technologies, such as responsive and agile email design
  • The future of email
  • Discussion of various platforms available for free and paid.

As a part of this bootcamp students will also build out a email strategy for a real life client.

Who is this class for?

This class is for anyone looking to create a strong and integrated email strategy for their company.  No prior experience is required.

Who is the instructor?


Your instructor is April Mullen.  April is a digital marketing strategist specializing in email marketing and cross-channel relationship marketing strategies. Currently, she serves brands across a variety of business verticals as a strategist at StrongView, and Selligent Company. At StrongView, a highly-ranked email services provider by Forrester Research, April focuses on client strategies and driving product innovations through her leadership in StrongView's innovation lab.

April is an active member of the DMA Email Experience Council and through participating in that organization, co-authored guides on cross-channel marketing and Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. An experienced conference speaker, April has presented at several national industry events, including giving a keynote address at Responsys Interact in 2012.

April has been quoted as an expert in DMNews and is a regular columnist on MediaPosts's Email insider, a nationally recognized email marketing publication.

You can follow April on Twitter @aprildmullen.

Where is this bootcamp held?

It is held on the UMSL North Campus. You will find the map here: north-campus-map%20(1).pdf